Elon Musk & Grimes’ Newborn is Named X Æ A-12, Here’s How To Pronounce It…

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(source: Pink News)

The tech billionaire Elon Musk and Canadian artiste Grimes just had their first baby together, and while nothing brings joy to people more than seeing little versions of themselves, the world is a bit confused with the couple’s choice of name for their newborn.

According to Pink News, Grimes had given birth to a baby in the early hours of Tuesday morning (5 May) and the newborn was named X Æ A-12 Musk. The baby is Grimes’ first, while Musk has six children with his first wife.

When asked about the gender, the singer stated that the baby’s gender doesn’t need to be known and that her child will be allowed to “decide their fate and destiny”. So, let’s just refer to the baby as… the baby, for now at least.

Grimes took to Twitter to break down the meaning of the baby’s name, referring to it as an avant-garde name.

“X” stands for the “unknowable variable,” “Æ” is her “elven spelling” of artificial intelligence and/or love, and “A-12” is her and Musk’s favourite aircraft. A lot to unpack, including her casual mention of elven-speak, but there you have it. Check out the tweet:

Okay… but how the hell do you pronounce it? One person guessed that the name is pronounced as “X Ash Archangel,” which Musk liked on Twitter. Reddit users on the hand, suggested that the baby’s name will be pronounced as Sasha Archangel.

Basically, no one knows how to actually pronounce it until we hear it straight from Grimes or Elon.

And if you thought people wouldn’t clown on a baby, you’re deffo wrong. Check out some of these hilarious tweets about X Æ A-12:

Speaking of names to get your child picked on in school, at least Musk and Grimes didn’t give their kid a Covid-19 themed name like these folks did by naming their babies Sanitiser and Lockdown (now, that’s hardcore).

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