Newborn Baby Named ‘Lockdown’ As a Reminder of Covid-19


Farmer Raghunath Mali and his wife Manju gave birth to a baby boy on the 6th of April earlier this week. The baby was delivered at a private hospital and brought back home to the village of Baccheri located in the city of Sheopur, India.

The couple settled on the name ‘Lockdown’ for their newborn son and when asked why they chose it, Mali said that ‘it would forever remind them about this unprecedented period’ according to The Indian Express.

Mali also claimed that his wife Manju eagerly agreed to name their child Lockdown. He believes that by doing so, they have played their part in uniting with the rest of India, making this time of crisis all the more memorable.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first baby to be born with a stay-at-home-related name as another couple from the neighbouring state of Chhattisgarh had named their newborn twins ‘Covid’ and ‘Corona’ and claims that the twins’ names symbolises triumph over hardships.

‘Lockdown’ sounds like a pretty baddass name though!

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