AirAsia’s New Uniform Mentioned by Stephen Colbert Who Said it Looked Like “Breakdancers from Chernobyl”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert‘s titular host just made a passing remark about AirAsia’s new PPE suit-uniform in his latest home broadcast.

Check it out:

In a bit about airlines, Colbert mentioned that AirAsia recently released their new flight attendant uniform with long sleeves, face masks and hoods. He went on to make a joke – “so apparently now your flight crew is manned by a posse of breakdancers from Chernobyl.”

In the 10-minute daily brief uploaded on YouTube, Colbert responded to reports that America might experience meat shortages this week and President Trump immediately taking the initiative to order meat processing plants to keep operating.

Ignoring other pressing matters like… Covid-19. Colbert sarcastically said, “Wow! He really acted quickly to save the meat, maybe they should’ve put that in the initial intelligence briefing.”

Welp, now you know where his head is at.

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