We Found Another Baby With a Covid-19 Themed Name

source: Tenor

The people of India seem to have a knack for naming their babies in the most creative ways. With Covid-19 being the major issue right now, several babies were given Coronavirus-related names including the twins Corona and Covid, Lockdown and now Sanitiser.

A northern Indian couple decided to name their newborn Sanitiser because they figured it would be an easy name to remember especially right now because hand sanitisers are a household essential (a good reason as any IMO). Omveer, Sanitiser’s father, noted how the disinfectant has freely been made available to the entire country of India in their efforts to control the pandemic’s spread.

source: Buzzfeed

According to Harian Metro, Omveer told India Today that “using hand sanitisers were very important in ensuring one’s safety against Covid-19. My wife and I were very impressed at the steps taken by the Indian government to deal with the outbreak. Because of that, she and I agreed to the name Sanitiser as it is used by everybody to prevent Covid-19 latching onto our hands.”

While not many would name their child after hygiene-related products, it seems that Omveer and his wife are happy with the name they chose. Only time will tell what other babies with similar coronavirus-related names would be called. Perhaps Face Maszlee, Tan Tee Shu or Social Distance Singh?

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