WATCH: Monkey on Mini-Motorbike Tries to Kidnap Indonesian Child

source: Netclipart

Snatch thefts are an unfortunate but common occurrence across the world, especially throughout Southeast Asia. Similarly, monkeys are also a fairly common sight in South East Asian countries. Now what do you get when you combine the two? Check it out:

A video of a monkey in Indonesia, riding a miniature motorcycle while attempting to kidnap a small girl has gone viral after making its rounds online. That sentence alone would raise a handful of questions such as:

  1. Where did a monkey learn to ride a motorcycle that good?
  2. How did it get its hands on a little motorcycle that’s actually functional?
  3. Is the monkey licensed to bring such a vehicle?
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Perhaps that’s too much focus on the monkey, but you can’t deny that those are some pretty valid questions. More importantly, what the heck did that monkey aim to accomplish by dragging that poor little girl away from her friends? Was it actually trying to kidnap her or was this a declaration of war upon all humankind?

source: Fightland – Vice

Either way, what happened to the little girl was absolutely horrible and it’s pretty crazy just how much strength that monkey in the video has to drag her across the street like that with such force. Thankfully, an adult was present at the time and scared the monkey off, allowing the little girl to escape.

It also seems like she didn’t receive any major injuries in the video, maybe just a sprinkle of trauma but no crazy physical damage. As for the motorcycling monkey who did the despicable act, no follow ups mentioned whether it was caught or still continues to roam the streets of Indonesia while popping a wheelie every now and then.

source: Imgur

Hopefully that little girl who got dragged can brush off whatever injuries she received as well as the damage to her psyche and while the monkey gets cool points for skilfully steering a little motorcycle, let alone even owning one, KIDNAPPING IS NOT COOL MONKEY! That totally cancels out your cool points… well most of them at least.

source: Monkey Magic from JAPAN

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