WATCH: Actress Umie Aida Shares Her Experience With “Blacky” & Other Dogs in Animal Cruelty Campaign

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Throughout the past few weeks, there have been a few cases of individuals shooting dogs on their front lawns causing outraged on social media. Although there are laws against animal cruelty, and most netizens are against the acts of violence perpetrated recently, many others feel that the individuals have a right to defend their property from wild animals.

To highlight how dogs are not a threat to humans, animal service platform, My Forever Doggo has teamed up with famous Malaysian actress, Umie Aida to raise awareness and deliver a message that despite the religious stigma, we are all capable of living in harmony with all beings.


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As part of the campaign, Umie shares her experience with dogs and how she feels about them that they are lovely creatures that mean no harm. In a video, she explains how she encountered a group of dogs, two years ago in her neighbourhood, drinking water from a drain. Feeling sad for them, she gave them a container of freshwater instead.

However, it was not long before the City Hall dogcatchers took the strays away. One dog named “Blacky” managed to escape and still remains in Umie’s neighbourhood, paying her a visit from time to time.

(Source: myforeverdoggo on Instagram)

“Blacky respects me so much, she doesn’t come near me or forces me to touch her. She also does her business away from my house,” said the well-respected actress who played the lead character based on Mona Fandey in Dukun.

“I’ve always thought my children to love animals of all kinds too. Although life is stressful right now and we can’t possibly force anyone to like animals if they are not animal lovers. However, the best we can do as humans is to respect animals and their space, in return, they’ll do the same.”

The campaign encourages the public to share the message and talk about what we can do as a society to be kinder towards animals, especially strays.

With proper training and care, dogs can help humans in unthinkable ways – from providing support to child abuse victims in court, to detecting COVID-19 at airports and more commonly, improving security.

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