Doggo That Snuck Into Mall Has Now Been Enlisted as a Security Guard Dog

(Source: One Cavita on Facebook)

A stray dog who wandered into a shopping mall in Taguig, Philippines has proved to be luckier than most people when it comes to securing a job, as the dog now has a position in the mall’s security team.

Rico Bucan, a security guard in the mall said the dog, who is known as ‘dogdog’, has always been a regular face in the mall as it grew up there and often joins the security team during their guard mounting.

(Source: One Cavite on Facebook)

Besides the security team, the mall’s management and staff have also taken to dogdog as seen in a recent clip that went viral on Facebook that showed Vista Mall employees escorting dogdog out when it had entered the mall’s premises unnoticed.

The Facebook user who posted the video also wrote that she was glad that dogdog was also not treated harshly when he had to be sent back outside. Instead, he was escorted by one of the security guards like it was his pet. The post has 35k shares and over 5.9k likes.

All animals have feelings and should be treated with care even when their presence is unwanted. In Malaysia, cases of animal cruelty such as this and this can be subjected to a maximum fine of RM100,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 Section 30.