Viral Video Of Man Shooting A Mother Dog & Her 5 Pups Angers Netizens

(Source: Istock and @melayu_baru on Twitter)

Unfortunately, monsters like these do exist and they are currently on the rise now.

Just yesterday, netizens on social media were furious over a video of a man shooting a helpless dog outside his yard. In the video, you can even hear the dog yelping in pain. Now, another dog shooting video has surfaced on the internet.

Uploaded by Twitter user @melayu_baru, the incident took place in Terengganu, and this time the new culprit is believed to have shot a mother dog along with her five newborn pups while they were playing in the man’s front yard.

Many netizens have once again expressed their anger towards the video, with most of them stating how disgusted they are by the man’s behaviour. Some even stated their opinions on how we as humans have no right to take an animal’s life especially when they mean no harm. Even if the animals are encroaching our space, there are better and non-violent ways to resolve the problem.

Many are also questioning how the two culprits had obtained a shotgun and whether or not they have a license for it.

The two shooters are subjected to a maximum fine of RM100,000 or imprisonment not exceeding 3 years under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 Section 30.

(Source: Indian express)

Ultimately, we wish that everybody could be like the Muslim family in Puchong who had found some abandoned puppies playing in their yard but took care of them until they found a secure home.

We hope that this cruel act of shooting dogs will end soon and the guilty perpetrators will be caught by the authorities. This behaviour is truly wrong and needs to be corrected.

Dogs are innocent animals despite carrying the ‘haram’ stigma within the Muslim community, which has since been heavily debated amongst religious figures. Regardless of religion, all animals should be treated with kindness and respect.