Muslim Family Temporarily Takes In Abandoned Puppies While Finding Them A New Home

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(Source: @sxnflwxrxxon Twitter)

One of the most heartbreaking scenarios that you could encounter in your life is when you come across a box filled with puppies that have been abandoned by their owner. At that point, you need to make a decision: Leave them or take them with you to either keep or find a new home.

Recently, this difficult situation was faced by Nur Hidayah Mohd Adam and her family when a box full of puppies was left outside her family house in Puchong Utama. The box was found by her youngest sibling last Saturday in an open area outside the house.

According to Hidayah in Mstar, the puppies were found to be at least two months old. They were healthy and extremely cute, which is why she could not bear to leave them behind. From then on, she started advertising the puppies on social media, including Twitter and Facebook groups, in order to find them a new home.

In the meantime, while waiting for people’s responses, she stated that the puppies were kept in good hands by her family. They were fed regular meals and played with by her siblings to the point where they grew fond of the pups, yet still remained aware that they were not able to keep them.

During the process of finding a new owner, she also expressed that it has been difficult as many people have made false promises to adopt the pups but did not show up in the end.

However, the weight on their shoulders was lifted when their father had asked the Indian neighbour, Mr Gana to look after the puppies for the time being.

Not long after the dogs were given to Mr Gana, Hidayah and her family received great news that the puppies have found a new owner.

We’re happy that after all the hurdles, these puppies finally have a stable home that will hopefully treat them well.

We hope that more people would practice this manner of taking care of abandoned animals because no animals deserve to be left behind.

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