Dog’s Tongue Gets Sliced Off During A Grooming Procedure Gone Wrong, Leaves Owner Shocked

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(Source: Lad Bible)

It’s essential for all pet owners to be able to trust their pet groomers to do an excellent job and avoid any accidents. However, a dog owner’s nightmare became a reality when a part of his pooch’s tongue was sliced away during its grooming process in Brazil.

The poor dog who goes by the name of Scott got his tongue sliced off at one point during the trimming process when he had started to squirm.

(Source: Lad Bible)

Scott’s owner, Vanda Souza, had expressed her anger in a Facebook post stating that she was devastated when she picked him up and how her heart could not take the sadness seeing her dog in pain. To make matters worse, she was charged for the grooming despite the mishap.

“He was always a happy dog. Today my dog’s eyes are weeping from pain and fear. He still hasn’t eaten or even drunk. Take care of your animals. Take them to whoever does their job lovingly. My Scott, my boy, my four-legged son, I want justice.”

(Source: Lad Bible)

Although local media did not name the person that had cut off Scott’s tongue, the owner of the pet shop is reportedly very upset about her staff’s behaviour, according to Lad Bible.

Another tragedy happened to a different dog owner, Hannah, just last year when her pet Husky’s haircut went terribly wrong as it was shaved almost bald on the bottom half, leaving Hannah really upset.

(Source: Lad Bible)

“Ok so my dog was way overdue for a haircut so finally we took him to a new grooming place to get it done. We said ‘He needs to be shaved just ENOUGH so he wouldn’t shed as much anymore’. They took the shaving part literally. YALL THE SECOND PICTURE I CANT.” she tweeted.

It’s unfortunate that these blunders had to happened to these dogs. Although it might not be the groomer’s fault all the time, we would advise owners to send their pets to professional groomers whom they can trust instead ones that are not trained. It might be expensive, but at least they get the job done.

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