Director to Shoot Post-Pandemic Movie Featuring Sex Scenes with Gloves & Masks

source: The Hollywood Reporter

Kicking off in late June, the post-pandemic film, Waking Up Dead, written and directed by Terracino will be featuring an intimate love scene protected by latex gloves and face masks in accordance with safety guidelines.

Terracino, has a very interesting and inspiring story behind his choice to direct such a film while the pandemic is still fresh in everyone’s minds. With production and businesses in Hollywood screeching to halt, Terracino believes the way to continue flourishing within the industry is through microbudget films such as his latest production.

The film itself is funded by Terracino’s very own sexual harassment settlement. Back in 2018, Terracino was hired as writer for a high-profile show when he was sexually harassed by one of the executive producers. As with most of these cases, Terracino was given a settlement in exchange for his silence. This money was then used to create his own art where he can control the narrative of his story.


The film will be Terracino reclaiming his sexuality whilst acting as a cathartic release from his real-life experiences that centre around the #MeToo movement era.

In the midst of casting, the production was upended when the pandemic happened. However, Terracino is no stranger to life-altering circumstances and he took this as a challenge to continue realising his film. Casting continued on Skype, Zoom and Facetime and he soon found his leads.

As for the set, abiding by protocol, the places are remote and mostly revolving around a single location. As for the sex scenes mentioned, Terracino told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I want to be clear: We are not winging it. We’re not going to do anything reckless. Eighty percent of the movie is in a single location, involves just a few actors and three scenes of intimacy, so it’s very, very doable for us. We may be the first film in cinema history to feature intimate love scenes with masks, latex gloves and [Formula] 409.”

Elliot Loves (source: HuffPost)

Extremely different from his previous film, rom-com Elliot Loves, Waking Up Dead follows the protagonist, a once-famous Hollywood actor past his prime (which is a guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU as a rapist… yikes) who’s given a shot at redemption in the form of a new pilot. His journey is intersected by two women, an elderly lady looking out for him to ensure he doesn’t spiral out of control and his agent/potential love interest played by a real-life adult film actress, Traci Lords.

Terracino adds that the sex scenes will not be as graphic as you would imagine, but they won’t be demure either.

As of now, the film appears to be a form of resurgence for Terracino as he grapples with the two most significant events in his life which are the #MeToo movement and the Covid-19 pandemic. He’ll just have to wait ’till June to start on his comeback.

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