Guarantee Sedap! Pavithra’s Home-cooked Recipes Steals the Hearts of Malaysians

source: Sugu Pavithra (YouTube)

YouTube has become the norm for sharing creativity and knowledge with the world. We bet many of you have been consuming endless content during this MCO, but what about making them? It sounds simple enough, but how many are willing to keep it going?

One Malaysian couple, Sugu and Pavithra started uploading their cooking videos on YouTube in late January and since then, they’ve been making everyone drool with their delicious and easy to follow recipes!

Pavithra told Bernama that her good friend, who’s also a YouTuber, suggested that she upload her recipes online. Her first video, a menu of grilled tilapia combined with her soft-spoken demeanour and command of Bahasa Malaysia attracted many Malaysians. Since their first video, they’ve garnered more than 165,000 subscribers and even became a YouTube partner.

28-year-old Pavithra, a housewife and her husband Sugu, 29, an estate worker, live deep inside Sungai Siput with their two children. Pavithra said she had never thought that many people would watch their videos, let alone subscribe to the channel.

“The most interesting and motivating part was when many viewers left positive comments and asked us to continue doing this. Some of them also requested Indian recipes, which is really exciting,” she told Bernama.

The couple chose to share simple recipes using regular and available items that most people have in their home. She only had one wok, a spatula and two pots including a rice cooker in her kitchen, but that didn’t stop her from cooking.

source: BERNAMA

Pavithra hosts and cooks the recipes, while Sugu records them. Apart from their food content, they also share snippets of their life at home with their kids.

Talented, down-to-earth and overall awesome – Sugu Pavithra is a testament that when you do it from the heart, life will guide you.

You can check out their recipes such as ‘kari ayam pencen’, ‘ikan bakar istimewa’ and more on their YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe to their channel and don’t skip the ads!

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