WATCH: Ernest Ng’s Covid-19 Comics is Now an Anime

The MCO sure felt like a long-winding filler episode of your favourite anime. However, instead of one half-an-hour episode we were given close to two months. After a while, the appeal of staying indoors while doing nothing but eat and complain about things we can’t do and places we miss going to, started getting old really fast. Thankfully (or regretfully) for many, the MCO might officially come to an end.

This whole ordeal felt extremely surreal – boring mostly, but definitely one which the world will remember. To look back on the MCO in Malaysia, local comic artist Ernest Ng collaborated with several animators and voice actors to give us this Covid-19 based anime appropriately titled – Covidball Z.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin, our warm-water loving Health Minister and even Covid-19 itself appear in this 2 and a half minute animated video. It chronicles the fight (maybe a little too literally) against Coronavirus in Malaysia and even sheds light on certain obstacles such as people who weren’t particular fans of the MCO (pictured below).

Strangely enough, the second episode to Covidball Z was uploaded onto facebook over a month ago, way before the first officially debuted. Even the page that uploaded the first episode acknowledged this but couldn’t explain the reason for that themselves.

Either way, we managed to find it for you to check out:

With offices and shops opening their doors again, it seems for the most part that Malaysia’s riding off with the Coronavirus in its rear view mirror. We can only hope that time will help with the virus dying off in our country. Until then, this anime can serve as a little reminder of what we went through as a nation as well as what our leaders and front-liners did when the virus arrived on our shores.

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For now, #JustStayAtHome and sip on some JUICE.