Campaign Crowdfunds Jamal Yunos’ RM600,000 Legal Fees While Son Drives Mustang, Say Netizens

Supporters raise RM300,000 in donation drive to pay for Jamal Yunos defamation damages
Source: Malay Mail

Sungai Besar Umno division chief Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos has racked up a fee of RM300,000 from damages and legal fees incurred in two separate defamation suits filed individually by opposition MPs Maria Chin and Teresa Kok.

Gabungan Solidariti Anak Selangor (GSAS) launched the Solidarity Fund to Save Jamal on September 24, or in other words, crowdfunding to pay for Jamal’s fees.

Before we get into the details of it, here’s a recap on the cases:

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In 2018, Maria sued Jamal for defamation for linking her and Bersih 2.0 with the Islamic State militant group. She is currently an MP for Petaling Jaya.

The Umno leader was instructed to pay RM300,000 in damages but the court of appeals had allowed Jamal’s appeal to reduce the amount to RM150,000.

In a separate suit, the High Court ruled in July this year that Jamal had defamed Seputeh DAP MP Kok and ordered him to pay RM300,000 in compensation and RM50,000 in costs.

The Umno leader has yet to pay the damages, which prompted Kok to file a bankruptcy suit on 18 September.

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Source: GSAS

On to the Solidarity Fund, leader Datuk Faizal Zakaria said the donation drive was launched because of the bankruptcy proceeding filed by the DAP lawmaker. The group is targeting RM600,000 to pay both Maria and Kok and to cover legal fees.

“We need to pay Teresa RM300,000 and Maria RM150,000 and some RM60,000 for legal costs,” said Faizal to Malay Mail.

If you do the math, there is about RM90,000 leftover after the reparations, but it was left unstated on what the balance would be used for.

The day they launched the campaign, a total of RM200,000 had already been donated, and this morning it had reached RM300,000. Faizal claims that the target of twice that will be reached in seven days.

Meanwhile, netizens caught wind of this and are extremely unhappy, pointing towards Jamal’s son who drives a Mustang and flies first class wherever he goes.

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