Jamal Yunos Claims That He Fainted in Jail After Police Denied His Request for a Mattress

Drama, so much drama.

Surprise, surprise, our one and only UMNO Sungai Besar Division Chief, Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos, is back at it again with—you guessed it—more drama.

On Saturday, December 9, Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos was taken into custody by the police for his ‘insulting’ (and childish) behaviour when he attended the UMNO general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre.

(Source: FMT)

During the assembly, he sealed his fate when he reportedly paraded two cutouts that resembled former minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, with the words “Pengkhianat, Kurang Ajar, Biadap” (“Traitor, Disrespectful, and Rude”) printed on the boards.

(Source: FMT)

Did Jamal stop his protests here? No. He stepped up the game by encouraging those who attended the assembly to bash the cutouts… with sledgehammers that he provided, turning the cutouts of Zaid into punching bags for the attendees and our UMNO Sungai Besar Division Chief. But cutouts weren’t his only show of protest, he allegedly burned effigies of Zaid outside the UMNO headquarters on Wednesday, December 6.

(Source: FMT)

With this, Jamal was detained by the police for two days after the hammer stunt and is being investigated under Section 504 of the Penal Code that deals with intentional insult to provoke a breach of peace and Section 14 of the Minor Offences Act that deals with the offence of insulting behaviour for threatening to “personally hunt down” Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, claiming that he knows where the former minister lives.

Okay, it’s not as dramatic as the scene from Taken, but you get the point.

Jamal Yunos has been released from remand on Monday 11 December according to Free Malaysia Today; but he was definitely not a happy camper, seeing as he allegedly slept on concrete during the entire length of his stay after the police denied his request for a mattress.

“The magistrate (who ordered his remand) allowed me to have a mattress but until my release I didn’t get it. My lawyer last night tried to send a mattress to me but was disallowed, and I ended up sleeping on cement,” Jamal told FMT.

With this, Jamal stated to the press that he fainted due to the pain of his swollen back.

“This morning, my back was swollen and I blacked out momentarily. The police wanted to send me to hospital but, since my remand ended today, I went straight to hospital on my own,” he said, adding that he has since gone to Ampang Puteri Hospital for treatment.

Lo and behold, the two day stay under police custody did not leave Jamal daunted, but instead refuelled his will to continue protesting.

“My arrest has not crushed my spirit one bit. I will continue my protest tomorrow until Zaid is brought to justice. We don’t want any more insolent acts against the sultan in future.” 

“Zaid is a stubborn person. We don’t want him to merely apologise, we want action taken against him. Is Zaid immune while action was taken against me? I don’t understand this.”

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