Come & Support This Band if You Hate Capitalism

Date Sun, 17th Dec '17
Time 4pm - 10pm
Venue Rumah Api

Having released this beast of a track as the entirety of the 34-minute Sentinels album, French crust-punk hardcore act NINE ELEVEN isn’t afraid to make a statement on “state authoritarianism and its fuckin’ ‘work law’. Cause the wit(c)h hunt goes on in the silent turmoil of ‘Democracy’.

This atmospheric odyssey is made up of five grand themes; starting with the prophetic Elysium, and progressing with Guidecca, Purgatory, and Apocalypse before concluding with The Final Circle. As dramatic as it sounds, the ambitious album promises a cathartic and immersive experience reminiscent to that of Dopesmoker’s Sleep, but like, 10 times more aggressive. It’s a bold body of work, punctuated with bleak cries for the ones who’ve been silenced for too long.

Proceeds from this album will go to CADECOL, a French autonomous group that helps political activists arraigned and arrested by police.

Accompanying this are their self-produced ‘episodes’ that follow the narrative of Sentinels. These videos are made by stitching together various clips from documentaries and movies, producing a jarring yet compelling result.

In our tense political climate, this band is more relevant than ever. Embrace the chaos, and rise above and against with NINE ELEVEN.

Already a familiar name in the Southeast Asian scene from touring here multiple times, they are back with a full Asia Tour – including Malaysia, of course. Set to perform at the iconic Rumah Api, now relocated to a new address, NINE ELEVEN will be joined by our very own local band, Transitions.

This is definitely one gig you don’t wanna miss.

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