College Student Sells Used, Unwashed Underwear At Prices Up To RM999 Based On Duration Of Wear

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source: YouTube

If you’re into e-girls/Discord kittens, then the concept of making a living out of selling personal items probably isn’t too foreign to you. Hey, even if you’re not a fan of Belle Delphine, you’ve got to admit that the profits she reaped out of selling her famed ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ were pretty impressive.

According to Noodou, a local college student has allegedly chosen to delve into a similar business- selling used clothing items such as undergarments and socks which she markets on an e-commerce site as second-hand, with ‘original scent sweat’.

The items are sold on a pre-order basis, with quite a few five-star ratings; however, as stated in the description, the seller urges customers to “be patient if you place an order” as a recent abundance of orders has led to short supply.

Most outrageously, one of the ratings applies to an item valued at RM999, supposedly worn by the 18-year-old seller “for the past 24 hours.”

According to Wau Post, a customer’s preference for how long the seller should wear the undergarments prior to shipping them out determines the pricing range for one listing, which ranges from RM60 to RM120 for various kinds of undergarments. It is stated that the student will wear the underwear as she works out at the gym.

What’s even more astonishing is that the seller also listed “holy water” (urine) in the store, priced at RM40… In case you need your golden showers pre-packed.

Could this be an effective, anonymous alternative to OnlyFans, or is it a little too close for comfort?

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