E-Girl Murdered, Killer Uploads Picture of Her Decapitated Head on 4Chan

source: Instagram/escty

Bianca Devins, a 17-year old pink-haired e-girl, was found decapitated in an SUV. The reason for her brutal and merciless murder? A mentally disturbed orbiter named, Brandon Andrew Clark.

If you are unaware of what ‘orbiter’ means, it is a colloquially known title for men who lurk around a woman’s page in hopes of having sex with her. Bianca Devins was an attractive and interesting young girl on the internet which made her a target for these kinds of people.

The story of Bianca’s murder, while tragic and infuriating, is a very long-winded one. In order to give you the full details without going on multiple angry tangents about the dangers of incels (involuntary celibates), I’ll break the story down into several digestible parts.

1. Who is Bianca Devins?

source: Instagram/escty

Commonly known as an e-girl (a girl that plays video games and dresses like a kawaii goth), Bianca Devins was a prolific presence on the internet with her hounds of followers on Discord and Instagram. In total, Bianca has 35,000 followers across both platforms.

She first came into contact with her murderer, Brandon, on Discord where he continued to pursue her to the point where he became infatuated with her. When Bianca, Brandon and another man Bianca met on Discord, went to a concert together, Brandon became infuriated because Bianca kissed the aforementioned man instead of giving him that same attention.

This catalysed his plan to murder her.

2. How did the murder happen?

source: Instagram/escty

Lt. Brian Coromato of the Utica Police Department stated that around 7:20am, the Utica police received multiple calls from concerned 4chan and Discord users regarding disturbing images posted by Brandon. These images graphically show Bianca’s dead body and severed head in an SUV. Alongside these images were equally perturbing captions that essentially hint at a murder-suicide. This suspicion was further substantiated when users realised Brandon had changed his Instagram bio to 10/06/1997 – 7/14/19, implying he was ending his life.

Police arrived at Brandon’s home after listing him as a ‘person of interest’ based on Bianca’s Discord followers who told the authorities of their supposed ‘relationship’ and his cryptic posts. When they found him, he was critically injured with what looked like self-inflicted wounds on his neck. Lt. Brian Coromato said that it appeared as if Brandon had stabbed himself repeatedly.

3. What is the aftermath?

source: Instagram/escty

Social media blew up when news broke regarding Bianca’s murder. Multiple Twitter users created threads to explain and bring awareness to her death and how it happened.

The reason as to why us social media users are so affected by this death is because it highlights a prominent issue within the female influencer community where they are constantly the subjects of the male gaze. Sometimes, this attention is flattering but most times, it takes a dark turn and even leads to death, as proven by Bianca.

When 4chan users found out about the gruesome murder, the news was not met with a heavy heart. Instead, people made light-hearted and distasteful jokes about the situation. Most notably, men on social media are even blaming Bianca for her own untimely murder.

source: Twitter/stillgray

Women like Bianca rely on their attractiveness to garner more followers. Part of amassing such a huge following was the art of sexual seduction. This triggered an ongoing conversation with users on whether or not Bianca incited the rage within Brandon because she lured him in with her charm but ultimately, rejected him.

Bianca’s murder has been made a mockery with some Instagram users exploiting images of her dismembered body as a vehicle to chase clout and gain more likes and followers on their accounts. Some are even fabricating details of the crime for attention online.

Elliot Rodger, an incel who uploaded multiple rants to Youtube about hating his classmates. Later on, he killed and injured his peers in a school shooting that led to six fatalities and 14 injuries. (source: BBC)

The general consensus after reading the response to this homicide is that men have the skewed idea that Bianca deserved what she got because she was flirtatious online. The fact is, Bianca’s portrayal as an e-girl is a fantasy that she sells in order to get followers and it is not her fault if men (specifically incels and orbiters) are unable to differentiate between fiction and reality.

There is an overwhelming lack of respect for women online, especially those who stream like Bianca. Men often feed into the idea that just because a girl is friendly to you, she is instantaneously interested in having sex with you. The objectification of women is apparent and Bianca’s murder was an extreme result of this entitlement.

How many more Biancas must suffer before men stop perpetuating the toxic mindset of believing a woman owes you sex just because she flirts with you?

Be better and help your friends be better.