WATCH: Vida’s Daughter, Cik B Denied Entry Into Women’s Toilet After Cutting Hair ‘Too Short’

source: Azhan

As a result of security officers being confused about her gender due to her new hairstyle, Datuk Seri Vida’s daughter, known as Cik B, was reportedly not permitted to use women’s restrooms. The teenager’s hair was apparently cut very short, which led to the misconception.

Cik B’s gender identity and sexual orientation have long been hot topics of discussion particularly in tabloids and among netizens. Vida noted on her Instagram that similar instances had already occurred three times since the haircut.


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The cosmetics entrepreneur claimed that the jaga (security guard) was unsure whether to allow Cik B, whose real name is Nur Edlynn Zamilleen Muhammad Amin, into the restroom or not until Vida intervened to clarify that Cik B is indeed a girl and put an end to the uncertainty.

Vida also admitted to feeling belittled whenever people assumed Cik B was a male in an interview with mStar.

She claimed, adding that her daughter was balding, “It was me who chopped her hair too short. I was forced to make the drastic decision because her hair texture was also very coarse.”

Vida told the portal, “I really worry about Cik B’s appearance, and I pray day and night that her hair condition will eventually get better.

Prior to this incident, Cik B was also faced with negative comments from the public regarding her haircut, with netizens mocking her and also likening her appearance to more masculine attributes.

At the time, Cik B was quoted as saying, “My mother said my hair is damaged. So she cut it off for new, healthy hair to grow. She did not do a good job and I had to get the trim redone at a salon. My hair became dry as a result of me dyeing it too much. If I didn’t cut it, I’d eventually go bald.

“I’m not bothered about what netizens have to say. You do you, I do me.”

Meanwhile, Vida also expressed support towards her daughter in terms of self-expression.

“She’s a teenager now, give her time to do what she likes and explore her adolescence,” she wrote on Instagram.