Dato’ Seri Vida Says That Daughter’s Boba Business Was Struck By Black Magic, Ustaz Confirms It

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Image via India Today for illustration purposes only.

Jealousy is dangerous thing, and oftentimes the object of one’s envy faces some sort of unrest due to these repressed emotions…

Cosmetic tycoon Dato’ Seri Vida claimed on Friday (July 15) via a YouTube video that her daughter, who runs a bubble tea business called Cik B Boba Lova, has been suffering unexplained losses and strange occurrences relating to her business.

She also alleged that these unwanted developments were the aftermath of a third person’s envy towards the shop’s initial success, which resulted in them dabbling in black magic to curse the business.

Vida stated that several people couldn’t even see or locate the shop, and some even contended that it was always closed. These were the factors that reinforced her apprehensions, as the shop by the roadside has provided its service for many patrons prior to the sudden decline.

The influencer also explained that she had been toying with the idea of investigating the matter from a supernatural stance for a while now and finally gave in, noting that disclosing the issue was not an attempt at merely creating content, and was actually a genuine concern of hers.

source: Journey of my Life

To affirm her speculations, the entrepreneur then hired an ustaz and bomoh who found that a banana tree had been mysteriously planted beside the shop, signifying the presence of a vicious spirit.

Image via DSV Entertainment

The ustaz also asserted that he witnessed ‘someone’ shut the stall door and noticed what appeared to be a tombstone erected just beside the pop-up shop.

To conclude the clip, Vida voiced her frustration and disappointment that someone would stoop down to such heinous ploys just to scheme against someone’s honest work, and noted that she intended to cut down the banana tree in hopes of breaking the curse.


This instance is reportedly not Vida’s first brush with black magic. In October last year, through a live broadcast, she complained that she was feeling faint, dizzy, and warmer than usual, then went on to claim that she might be a victim of witchcraft.

Netizens were appalled by the allegation at the time because Vida appeared to be perspiring throughout the live clip.

source: Hype MY

“I can’t handle the heat in here any longer, but I’m trying to bear the pain. I get hot every time I go live. Why am I this way? Was I struck by something? Was I afflicted by demons? I feel nauseous but nothing will come out. Please keep praying for my health,” she pleaded in the video.

It was later disclosed, as per Hype, that she had appointed a few citizens to her home to conduct hajat prayers and printed some verses from the Al-Quran in attempt to shield herself from danger.