Mother Allows 11-Year-Old Child To Be Sexually Assaulted By Stepfather For Fear Of Being Divorced

source: Glamour UK

Marriage can be a winding road, and divorce is usually a last resort for couples who find themselves in deal-breaking situations; but how far can forgiveness and tolerance go when one’s child falls victim to her stepfather’s lewd ideals?

Suzana Ghazali, family psychology and Syariah legal consultant, appeared on a talk show where she spoke of an instance she encountered where a mother allegedly handed her biological 11-year-old daughter to her second husband to do as he pleased, out of fear that he would divorce her if he found his needs unmet.

A clip of the discussion has gone viral on TikTok, owed to a repost by journalist Dinnie Asyraf:

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Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

“The mum also informed me that her husband gave her three choices at the time: let her daughter sleep with him, or let him see her nude. If none are possible, the only alternative is divorce,” Suzana explained in the recording.

Suzana also clarified that the victim’s mother believed that by authorising the vile act, she had the chance to halalkan (legitimise) her husband’s behaviour, going so far as to hold her daughter’s hands back against the bed frame for her husband to tie them easily, and proceeding to hold her feet to restrict her from escaping the situation.

“The issue is that those are supposed to be protective figures but they are too concerned with their own wants and interests without any regard for the victim’s wellbeing,” she said towards the end of the clip.

Needless to say, netizens left comments fuelled with rage and disbelief, appalled by the idea of a mother sparing her child’s dignity to quench her husband’s amoral sexual thirst.

Some have likened the case to child star Puteri Balqis’ allegations of becoming a sexual object in the eyes of her father since the age of five, a shocking situation that also left netizens questioning a lack of action on her mother’s behalf.

However, others have advised the public not to make assumptions and instead allow these issues to run their judicial course.

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