Puteri Balqis’ Father Lodges Police Report Following Sexual Assault And Abuse Allegations

source: The Star

The father of local, award-winning actress Puteri Balqis has lodged a police report in response to recent allegations that he had sexually harassed and physically abused her since she was a child. City police chief Comm Datuk Azmi Abu Kassim stated that the report was made at the Bandar Baharu police station in Kedah on Sunday (September 3).

Prior to that, Puteri was a guest on a programme on YouTube where she was asked to share her life experiences. Clippings of the podcast have since gone viral on Twitter as the 15-year-old made public claims depicting her father’s vulgar behaviour.

Based on the viral clips, Balqis noted that her father was a “deadbeat husband who never actually cared about his wife and child’s well-being”, going on to say that he would shamelessly watch pornographic content at public settings such as at a mamak restaurant with his friends where the group would erupt in laughter, before beckoning Balqis to watch it with them.

To the dismay of the hosts, she also mentioned that she was only five years old when this took place.

“When my mother was sick, he would lie down next to her and masturbate. He would do it in front of all of us while we were in the car. When I was showering, he would just barge into the bathroom,” Balqis added, asserting that her father wore an angelic disguise in public, masking the vile habits he practised behind closed doors.

“When I was studying, he’d have a fit and lock me in my room. He’d then shut the door behind us and molest me once the door was closed. When my father and his friends told me stories about sleeping with other women, it never occurred to them that I would one day grow up to be a woman as well,” she noted.

Towards the end of the broadcast, Puteri also claimed that she and her mother were beaten if they asked him to teach them to recite religious verses. She said that the traumatic experienced had resulted in people calling her heartless, numb, and not very loving.

Subsequently, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun told the Star on Sunday that no official report had been received by the ministry as of yet.

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