China’s Long March 5B Rocket Fragments Allegedly Pierce Through Homeowner’s Roof in Sibu

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Long March 5B Rocket (source: TheStar)

Two days ago, a chunk of China’s Long March 5B rocket was discovered stuck in the roof of a residence at Rumah Panjang Renyam in Sungai Asan Bayu, Sibu.

The homeowner believes the rocket fragment had been stuck on the roof for many weeks. According to a police complaint filed at Sungai Merah police station, on July 30, his neighbour heard a loud collision at his residence.

The homeowner just discovered the hole in the roof yesterday when he went past the home and saw it was leaking.

(source: Borneo Post)

According to Kosmo, he immediately notified the authorities after discovering it. Around 8.50 p.m., Bintangor Bomba got a call regarding the discovery.

The rocket was two inches broad by three inches long. It was discovered wedged in the roof’s wooden beams.

The rocket fragment had been turned over to the police for examination.

(source: Borneo Post)

Previously, on August 1, some debris apparently from the Long March missile was discovered in Kampung Nyalau, Bintulu, and Kampung Sepupok, Miri.

The Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation determined that the debris was not radioactive and did not produce radiation.

While the rocket fragment was discovered on the roof of the homeowner in Rumah Panjang Renyam two days ago, the Chinese Long March rocket entered the Earth’s atmosphere on July 31 over the Indian Ocean at 12.45 a.m.

The rocket launched on July 24 to transport a laboratory module to the new Chinese space station in orbit.

A few individuals in Sarawak saw the blazing debris in the sky and mistook it for a meteor before realising what it was.

According to the Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA), part of the smaller debris landed near the Sulu Sea.

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