Children Around The World Make Wholesome Art For Covid-19 Front Liners

Stay at home. (source:

It’s becoming more and more difficult to stay optimistic with all the troubling news surfacing due to the Corona virus outbreak.

It’s hard to keep an open mind when there are spikes of confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths around the world and people who are still ignoring the crucial Movement Control Order.

Not only is this a source of major concern, but the fact that medical supplies and food for the needy are becoming scarce, yet influential Malaysian artistes are prioritising their Vellfires and Alphards instead of donating to non-profit organisations, is also contributing to the nation’s lack of optimism.

During times like these, the only way to remain positive is to focus on the good in the world and there’s nothing more innocent and wholesome than children drawing portraits of front liners beating the Corona virus.

The Facebook group Children Art for COVID-19 was made specifically to share artworks from children to help ease tension and provide light in a time of darkness. With almost 10 new posts a day and up to 700 members, there doesn’t seem to be a lack of adorable drawings from our creative kiddos.

So, if you’ve been having a bad day, I hope these lil ones are able to cheer you up with their masterpieces! (Ed’s Note: there were many pieces from kids from other countries, but the Malaysian submissions just caught our eye!)

(source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19)

The poetry!

Drawn by Schaeffar Yaw, 11 years old, Malaysia


(source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19)

I don’t remember what I did when I was 5 but I can assure you it wasn’t this. So talented!

Drawn by Faris, 5 years old, Malaysia


source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19

We have a future comic in our midst. Watch out @hxsm, someone’s coming for your crown!

Drawn by Jamie, 12 years old, Malaysia


source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19

I second that, Isaac.

Drawn by Isaac Tham, 8 years old, Australia


source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19

Why haven’t we invented a syringe that big yet? Someone should look into that, please!

Drawn by Ashlyn Pui, 7 years old, Malaysia


source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19

The vibrancy of the artwork is exactly something you see on Cartoon Network. Adventure Time, who?

Drawn by Tricia Lim, 10 years old, Malaysia


source: Facebook/Children Art for COVID-19

Thank you, Mason for proving that no matter what year we were born, we can all agree that Pokemon traverses all differences and remains the paradigm of anime (no exaggeration!).

Drawn by Mason Tan, 8 years old, Malaysia


That was just the tip of the iceberg, for there are plenty of other drawings and colourings on the Facebook page that show support and admiration towards the people that are saving our lives. With so much negativity circulating the internet at the moment, it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air whilst being trapped indoors.

And if you have a lil one at home, you can encourage their creative side by drawing with them and posting it online. Who knows? Maybe it’ll make someone’s day better.

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