Producer Makes Lo Fi Beats Version of PM Muhyiddin’s MCO Announcement

Source: Chris M. Yong

Just about everyone has quietly grooved out to lofi hip hop beats while studying or working.

For those who are going “what is lofi and how do you pronounce it?”, well, lo-fi is basically a poor reproduction of an original sound (known to audiophiles as low fidelity – as opposed to hi-fi, high fidelity – but we won’t get more technical than that, please read wiki).

Recently, local producer Chris M. Yong made a lofi version of PM Muhyiddin’s announcement regarding the MCO, complete with beats and retrograded video aesthetics.

JUICE had a quick chat with Chris, who happens to be an ex-video editor with Says, to find out what drove him to make this…

How would you describe yourself?
I’m an electronic music producer in the Chinese music scene, I do a little bit of everything behind-the-scenes, with production and songwriting credits for Chinese acts such as Taiwanese singer Chen Linong from the boy band NINE PERCENT, Chinese rapper Nawukere a.k.a LIL-EM, and local act Priscilla Abby. My own releases are mostly a mixture of Melodic/Future Bass and Synth-pop.

How long have you been making music?
I’ve been songwriting for 7 years, and producing for 5 years.

What drove you to create the PM Speech remix vid?
I’m glued to these announcements as the country undergoes MCO, but it gives me anxiety every time the PM announces something. So I thought, what better way to counter the anxiety with the least anxiety-inducing thing on the internet — lofi beats.

What else have you been listening to lately?
I’ve been listening to a lot of Quiet Bison and G Jones lately, which are complete 180 from lo-fi beats!

Do you work on anything apart from music?
I do songwriting and production full-time now! It’s my hobby and also my job!


Chill out with Chris’ lofi rendition of our PM’s MCO speech in the video below…

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