15 Funny Descriptions by Malaysians Who Think ‘Perlis is so Small’

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Who would’ve thought that Malaysians would come together and agree on one thing: Perlis is so small. If you’re wondering how the hell did we get here? Well, let us explain. Ever since the historical 14th General Election, locals started to notice how Perlis has been suspiciously quite.

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In fact, Perlis is the smallest state in the country with only three parliamentary seats, BUT it had been the only state yet to swear in its Chief Minister nearly two weeks after election. This started a conversation between three friends that decided to brew some jokes about the size of the small state, which is 821 km².

Before you know it, the hashtag #PerlisIsSoSmall turned into the most trending Twitter hashtag as of yesterday. No harm intended though, this is all fun and games. We compiled the best 15 tweets that basically sums up this whole situation. Scroll down for a good laugh!
















Now you know how small Perlis is! Nevertheless, it’s still a beautiful state.

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