Awie Urges Next Cabinet To Give Local Artistes Priority & Limit Foreign Acts In The Country

source: Cinema Online

Veteran local artiste Datuk Awie hopes that whichever party forms the next cabinet will prioritise the welfare of local performers and put a cap on the number of foreign acts that can appear at significant events and concerts.

The 53-year-old stated in a news item yesterday that several domestic performers, particularly bands, felt “left out” as a consequence of the numerous foreign acts holding showcases locally. International acts are fortunate that we have allowed them to perform in our nation, but there comes a moment when we must limit the number of them, and that point is now, according to him.

“Whether they are solo performers or ensembles, we have many bright talents. They require our assistance since they are uncomfortable with the overwhelming presence of foreign acts. I hope the new government provides them with all the assistance they require and aids in their entry into the markets of surrounding nations.

“Priority must be given to nurturing homegrown talent. Put local artists first!” quipped the Wings frontman, as reported by NST.

source: NPR

Separately, local singer-songwriter Yuna has said that she was unable to secure funding or a sponsorship for a concert she had planned to hold in Kuala Lumpur this year.

She said, “My team and I will find a way to put together our own show, sadly it won’t be this year. I’m quite disappointed but I suppose that perhaps it was not destined to be and whatever ‘route’ we attempted to follow was not the path I meant to take.”

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