Unconfirmed Graphic Video Of Cambodian Syndicate Abusing M’sian Job Scam Victim Goes Viral On Reddit

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35 Malaysian job scam victims rescued at Thai-Myanmar border. (source: FMT)

The mistreatment faced by ‘Southeast Asia job scam‘ victims is no longer news to Malaysians, who are bombarded almost daily with disturbing headlines depicting the heart-wrenching stories of survivors explaining how they fought for their lives in captivity as they were exploited by ruthless syndicates.

Just yesterday, JUICE reported a Muslim woman’s account of how she was physically abused, turned into a sexual object to please men and forced to eat pork while stranded in Cambodia. To “maintain their appearances” as prostitutes, some women were also tortured, electrocuted, and forced to diet to remain thin.

The uneasiness that comes with reading and hearing about such instances is gruelling in itself, but now, Reddit users have gained access to a disturbing, low-res clip of what allegedly shows a Malaysian man being beaten to a state of disorientation by his ‘bosses’ in Cambodia.

In the caption of the post, which was published 3 days ago (September 25), the OP also claims that the victim was killed soon after.

Disclaimer: The original video was excluded from this article due to its explicit nature. However, screenshots from the clip are inserted below.

The following images contain graphic content and may be disturbing for certain audiences. 

Posted under the Subreddit r/PublicFreakout, nearly 20 men are seen seated around a table witnessing the incident, clad in uniforms with what appears to be a company logo printed on them; mostly khaki, but some a darker shade.

The victim, in a dark blue T-shirt with the same logo, kneels on the ground with his hands on his lap at the beginning of the clip.

A man in the darker uniform stands behind him and kicks him from the back, landing a sharp impact on his lower jaw and throat as he collapses on his side.

The ‘boss’ picks him up by his sleeve and gives him another kick, in the face this time. He is then lugged around by the sleeve again before the boss grabs him by the hair to hold him upright.

The victim is then kicked in the knee and the left side of his head. The boss’ shoe comes off in the process, and he puts it back on while the victim lies helpless; before grabbing a white, rope-like object from the side of the room.

He whips the victim’s back with it eleven times and proceeds to kick and stomp on his head, watching him struggle and squirm on the floor. The victim tries to stand on his feet shortly after, but fails to maintain his balance. He falls back onto the floor as the video cuts off.

Shockingly, the clip has minimal sound apart from the occasional thump when the victim is struck. The men in the back mutter among themselves, and the victim himself remains silent up to the part where he is whipped and lets out whimpers of pain.

Confusion and disbelief ensued in the comments section where netizens discussed the context of the video with Reddit users from across the globe who were initially incognisant to the horrors of the SEA job scam.

From there, users aligned the video’s contents with the testimonies from victims who allegedly faced similar cases of brutality when they failed to comply with the syndicate’s orders or expectations. Some also noted that it seemed like the boss was teaching a lesson to the victim and making others watch as a ‘warning’ not to cross him.

The hues of the uniforms also most likely play a part in identification and are probably a portrayal of hierarchy. Some believe that those in dark blue T-shirts are newcomers whilst those in khaki have been there awhile.

Others likened the torture to the practices of Nazis, namely the ‘dehumanisation’ of people who were deemed less superior.

Notably, one comment also mentioned that Malaysians are commonly targeted by these syndicates due to most citizens being bilingual, if not trilingual. This makes them an asset to ‘bosses’ who force victims into posing as scammers on behalf of them, as they are able to overcome language barriers and lure more victims in effectively.

Nevertheless, while the clip seems legit, its original source has not been revealed, nor the reason it was filmed; making it difficult to affirm that the act truly is linked to an SEA job scam as stated by the OP.

Other users also believe that the clip may have been taken out of context and could be related to another situation altogether.