Win a Pair of Rock Zone Passes to The Avril Lavigne Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur

Because we pretty much give out tickets to every single concert here.


LISTEN: Midnight Oil Vol. 2

Midnight Oil Vol. 2 samples Blade Runner’s incredible Vangelis-scored soundtrack.


VIDEO: Devon Seven’s ‘Where Light Shines Brighter’

Devon Seven’s new single ‘Where Light Shines Brighter’ is as good as it looks.


Laurel Halo: Chance of Rain

It’s not as challenging as some critics have made it out to be, not when Halo’s grilles of beats can so easily ensnare you, body and mind, like how sheets of rain catches a child in awe.


Bassment Syndicate: Out of the Basement

Bassment Syndicate’s fangirl, Naj Frusciante, gushes about the band in preparation for their Future Music Festival Asia 2014 performance.


Nils Frahm: Spaces

Both conceptual (in the incorporation of audience and ambient sounds) and not highfalutin (the longest, loudest track is titled ‘For – Peter – Toilet Brushes – More’) it’s neo-classical minimalist musique concrète that’s quite a quiet delight for the senses.


Win a Pair of Passes to Upfront Arena Pres. Foals

Yep. JUICE’s got that many tickets to best concerts to spare.


How to Survive a 3-Day Festival

Listicles are the bane of our existence, but here’s one on how to survive FMFA2014’s 3 days’ worth of revelry


Laugh, Love & Drink!: Help Make a Revolution

This month, JUICE looks at 3 movements whose existence was born from the restriction put on their personal freedom. To quote Marxist rap group The Coup, we are here to “laugh, love, f*ck, and drink liquor; and help make a revolution!”