LISTEN: Ali Aiman’s #BreatheRemixProject

source: Ali Aiman

We couldn’t stop raving about the Berklee grad in our issue last month, and now Ali Aiman’s wistful ‘Breathe’ has spawned a remix project featuring the works of five top-notch local producers — each in their own divergent manner. Four of the five, Reddi Rocket, Kain, Shelhiel, and of course VMPRMYTH himself, are tied to the last’s Akhyla stable, and this is the first we’ve heard of Analog K. The vast sonic disparity among each of the different approaches makes this project almost seem like it’s an EP on its own as opposed to a collection of remixes of the same track. It’s possible for the uninitiated to listen to all five tracks in one go, and not know that all of them are drawing from the very same song (especially Shelhiel’s vocal-less rework), yet it all flows together so masterfully.


#BreatheRemixProject premiered on Gumball. Check out more of Ali Aiman here.