LISTEN: Dan Aux & P.Money’s ‘Open Season’ feat. Raiza Biza

Source: Dan Aux

And out of the bustling metropolitan that is Hamilton, New Zealand… we’re just kidding. About the ‘bustling’ part, at least. But there isn’t anything to suggest that the contrary applies to Raiza Biza’s poetic magic. Honestly, his break is probably the best part of this song. Dan Aux crossed the Tasman from Australia a while back to bring some of the prod magic that we’ve been so excited about over to Auckland – and he’s definitely been a success, breaking into the upper echelons of artistes over in NZ with tracks like these, while the London-based P.Money lays down the rhymes steadily as per the norm. But Raisa Biza is what separates this track from the rest.

He’s one to watch for.

P.S. This track reminds us a little of the NBA Street soundtracks.

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