Phang Kuan Hoong

Phang is the keyboardist and one of the founding members of citizens of ice-cream, a local post-rock band that has recently released their debut album


Eric Wong

Currently in the studio working on the Deserters’ debut album, Eric’s previous production works include Gerhana Ska Cinta’s The New Authentic and Love Me Butch’s first album, Enter Post Human.


Tiger’s New Stripes

Singapore’s Tomaz Goh reinvents the bottle


Interview: JT Donaldson

JT Donaldson ‘fesses about his guilty pleasures in music and Malaysian women


Relaunch Party @ Wabisabi

Wabisabi went though a makeover and came out tops


1 From The Vault: JK Of Jamiroquai

Whet your appetite for Jamiroquai with this JK interview in anticipation of their performance this Sunday


To Those Who Dissed Earth Hour

Find out how much an impact Malaysia made during Earth Hour. Results are in!


Grand Launch @ Mist

Mist Club is now officially launched! Yay!


The Day The Earth Stood Still, Humans Did… Nothing!

Find out why aliens can make us wanna be tree huggers.


In An Absolut World, Every Night Is A Masquerade @ The Lodge Hotel

An Absolut-ly extraordinary night at the launch of Absolut Disco and Absolut Bling Bling at The Lodge Hotel