In An Absolut World, Every Night Is A Masquerade @ The Lodge Hotel

Dressed to impress, ladies and gents got garbed up for the launch of Absolut’s new gift pack, titled ‘In An Absolut World, Every Night Is A Masquerade’. The 200-large crowd was treated to a lavish and whimsical do, with The Lodge Hotel transformed into a quirky world replete with interactive art installations, live entertainment, and avant-garde period music across multiple rooms.

The centerpiece was the Main Bar, which was resplendent in China Chic livery. Girls and a surreal-looking Lee Swee Keong (the famous dancer) got decked out in masquerade gear and nostalgic Chinese garb, became moving props and provided guests photo opportunities.

Upstairs, each room saw the bizarre and oddball collide. JUICE loved it! One room had a lifeguard chair amidst stacks of mini TV sets, and on top propped a ‘Big Brother’ in red sequined jacket and top hat. He brandished a megaphone, dispensing commands and fortunes to everyone that walked in. The second room – a dining room – was literally upside down. Guests walked on the ceiling while a full set of dining table and chairs hung above them. The last room had hands coming out of the walls, each holding a bottle of Absolut or random objects. (Either that or we were on drugs….)

Guests who completed a quest in each of the 3 rooms walked home with a bottle each. For the rest of us plebs, it was an awesome night of delicious cocktails, entertainment and loads of bling provided by the many bottles of Absolut Disco and Absolut Bling Bling placed around the venue.

Just like its name, Absolut does things 100%. No cost spared on the party, no holds barred on the entertainment, Absolut did just what they do best – have extraordinary parties in no less than absolutes.

The Absolut Disco and Absolut Bling Bling gift packs were launched on Friday 13 March 2009 at The Lodge Hotel, KL. To see what happened at the exclusive party, click to the Gallery here.