Tiger’s New Stripes

Tiger recently commissioned 2 internationally recognised designers to custom design their beer bottles.  Among the 2 was Tomaz Goh, a singapore based designer. His design, Rise, centers around the recycling theme, calling on everyone to ‘rise’ against the threat of global deterioration. JUICE uncapped Tomaz recently and attempted to pick his brain.

How does it feel to have your work immortalised on a Tiger beer bottle?
It always feels great to see people appreciating your artwork by expressing it in their various means and methods. In this case, to be able to collaborate with Tiger Beer is truly an honour and acknowledgement for me and my creations.

How did you initially hook up with Tiger?
I’m one of the many lucky participants whose work was chosen when the Tiger was publicly calling for submissions for new bottle designs in Singapore a few years ago.

We like the thinking behind your Rise design. How do you and your design and art studio Rehybrid stay green?
Thanks for your kind words. Unless necessary, I will always try to do up my work presentation or document in electronic format. Nowadays clients are also aware of environmental responsibilities, and we are working together to change the way on how we used to work before, by cutting down on paper wastage.

Why do you think you’ve been pretty successful and gained the recognition you have?
I don’t think I’m that successful honestly. I’m still working hard everyday just like everyone else to make sure I’ve my bread and butter covered. But thankfully, there are people out there who came to me and show appreciation in my work and give me that pat on the back which keeps me motivated and relevant.

What other artists do you rate?
Martin Margiela. His artistic expression of imperfection, personality and eccentricity is masterfully translated into his collection of fashion work.

What is your favourite kind of commission?
Any project that enables me to fully exercise my creative expression. Well, that’s every creative person’s dream, isn’t it?

What kind of art and design do you produce just for yourself?
I always try to take pride in my creations, whether it’s commercial or experimental. Sometime I like to infuse artistic or poetry touch into my commercial work, sometimes I will implement my set of design principles into my art. I always like cross-exploration during the process. So to answer your question, I like to create art that communicates and behaves like design, and design that can move people like an art piece.

Why does the world need better design?
Until the time when human beings can start communicating and expressing thoughts and emotions effortlessly, the world will still need design to bridge and better that line of communication.

When do you crack open a bottle of Tiger?
Moment of ecstasy.

If the beer is good looking, should its drinkers be good looking too?
Joyous people who enjoy their bottle of Tiger beer are the most beautiful people in the world.