The Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing Meme Is the Perfect Meme for Metalheads

At the slip of the tongue, the word ‘metal’ might trigger an uninviting thought of a long haired man doing house construction works, aggressively headbanging. Well, what can I say?

Although metal is infamous for listeners with suicidal tendencies or anarchists who think they’re the best, metal is more than just satanic rituals, mosh pits, shoey (drinking from shoes), or just a phase (sorry mum).

If things are meant to be, they will be. This music genre is interesting enough to become a meme to laugh at our everyday struggles. I’m talking about the meme where you insert the phrase ‘slow heavy metal music playing’ in jarring yellow-coloured fonts. As the name suggests, this applies to situations where slow heavy metal music would be the appropriate banger (literally).

You’d soon realise how the ‘slow heavy metal music playing’ meme is oddly similar to our all-time favourite four letter profanity; you can use it in just about any event whether it be crying over a dead Tamagotchi in the 2000s, or the feeling when our only fans are figurines that watch us in silence as we shred heavy riffs and headbang.

Know your meme:












Don’t be too surprised as well hey, there’s some twist to this hardcore tagline. Heavy metal isn’t just heavy metal.

Just like how the genre itself possesses a myriad of differences – grindcore, thrash metal, kawaii metal (hint: BABYMETAL) – the meme extends itself by replacing ‘slow heavy metal’ with another type of metal instead. No doubt, the catchphrase needs to get some credit for being so tangible, that allows for a more enhanced and insightful auditory experience, or hallucination, however you proclaim it to be.





That’s it (at least for now). Perhaps a scroll through Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing’s gallery would be the best thing to do if your inner darkness has been screaming with pleasure after these teasers.