#JUICEWEARS: OOTD inspired by Movie/TV Characters

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Graphics + Photography: yung mulia & yung lee

Sometimes instead of hitting the streets, we can check out what’s cool in our crib. This time around, the JUICE team tries the #JUICEWEARS challenge (y’all might remember this from our Instagram page) at Uptown Damansara. For this exclusive lookbook edition, we stole from the looks of our fave movie/ TV show characters.


is wearing… Long sleeve T-shirt (Brother’s ‘kilang’ shirt) Pants H&M Shoes (Perth) Fanny pack Forever 21 Earrings Lovisa Tudung (Pasar Malam)

Inspired by Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) from Orange is the New Black


Is wearing… ‘Grandpa shirt’ (Thrifted from Ampang) Denim jeans H&M Belt Brands Outlet Shoes Reebok Classic Striped-top socks H&M Cap Obey Clothing & Apparel

Inspired by… The Kids from The Monster Squad (1987)


Is wearing… Cropped tube O-Mighty Bomber jacket (Thrifted) Skirt Uniqlo  Banana printed socks Cotton On Shoes Converse Leather choker Forever 21 

Inspired by… Mathilda from Léon: The Professional (1994)


Is wearing… Shirt Hard Rock London Denim jeans Monki Leather jacket Bershka Shoe Adidas Gold earrings Lovisa Watch Marc Jacobs

Inspired by… Wade Walker (Johnny Depp) from Cry-Baby (1990)


Is wearing… Shirt Stussy Jeans (Thrifted) Shoes Converse Quartz digital watch Casio F-91W

Inspired by… Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo


Is wearing… Sleeveless designer top H&M Jeans Uniqlo Denim jacket (Korea) Shoes Adidas Yellow corgi patterned socks (Online)  Scarf The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

Inspired by… Harry Potter


Is wearing…  Lingerie top (Can’t remember where) Jeans H&M Kimono Zalora Shoes Superga Watch Casio 

Inspired by… Austin Powers‘ blue velvet suit

One thing’s for sure: Outfit inspos are a great way to style up, especially when you don’t know what to wear in the morning! For that extra glo’ up, why not try re-watching old movies/ TV shows and see how these characters had stepped up their fashion game?

Wanna be in our lookbook too? This week we’re gonna go to come to somewhere very near you… Keep watching this space. Don’t forget, the good stuff is on our Instagram- @juicemy!

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