What Are KL People Wearing? #2

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Graphics + Photography yung mulia/ kkkkkiddddd

Mid Valley Megamall is up next on our list. Here we saw people shopping, smoking, chatting or just having a chill time – all dressed up and stunning. Aside from asking where they got their stuff from, we asked the question that many may be interested in: “Who is/where do you get your fashion inspiration from?”. 

Plus, you’re in for some real treats here cause this time around we’ve included a must-have wardrobe collection as inspired by these KL fashionistas!


Is wearing… Top ONLINE Pants LOUIS VUITTON Shoes NIKE Earrings KOREA

Inspiration… “I study fashion, so I don’t really have a fashion inspo”.



Is wearing… Top, Jacket, Pants, Shoes RESELLERS Earrings ONLINE

Inspiration… “UK’s Biggest Hypebeast, Ari Petrou (@aripetrou)”



Is wearing… Top COTTON ON Laced cardigan SRI LANKA Jeans TERRANOVA Sneakers BERSHKA

Inspiration… “Just my own style”



Is wearing… Top WAREHOUSE SHOE SALE (WSS) Jeans OBEY Pink sneakers CONVERSE Cap OBEY

Inspirations… “Hip hop and skateboarding”


What we found out: From hypebeasts to skateboarders, the people here at Midvalley has found their own calling by dressing like how they truly are- and we really dig it.

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