Half-Brit, Half-Indo, 100% Baller Subang: A.Smith Flexes to the Max in New MV

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You might remember him from the classic underground banger, ‘Kamu Chantek’ remix. This time around, Adam Smith (or A.Smith for short) has stepped up his game with his debut single ‘OK’ featuring Senna and a music video that proves he’s here to stay.

The Subang Jaya-bred, 21 year old might look a white boi spitting mad rhymes in Bahasa Malaysia–but he ain’t no mat salleh cari makan. In case you didn’t know, Adam is actually half-British, half-Indonesian and part of rising local hip hop group Krayziesoundz that have been making waves with bangers like ‘Baldoh‘ and ‘Ballin’ On A Budget’.

Produced by Aziquebeats, ‘OK’ is an independent music project created and financed by A.Smith himself. He raps about bouncing back from the struggles in life and coming out “OK” in the end, as Senna sings the chorus.

Takeem Graphy managed to visualise and execute A.Smith’s vision with the music video too. Of course, A.Smith’s flexing is predominant throughout the MV–embellished by the help of his posse, luxury cars and stacks of (fake?) bills raining down. So is he baller af or just another budak subang (or baller subang)?

A.Smith told JUICE that he wanted to bring urban culture to the forefront of his music whilst respectfully using Bahasa Malaysia to convey the message of perseverance in ‘OK’. For that, we give him props and look forward to his next banger–and if he’ll be the next President of Subang Jaya soon.

Check out the music vid for ‘OK’ below:

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