6 Outrageous, Unapologetic Hari Raya Fashion Trends

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Hari Raya is that time of year where you get to flex all your new clothes that you bought on sale at your neighbourhood mall while trying to impress people that you meet once a year. Okay, maybe it’s not that sad – let’s try this again… Hari Raya is the most anticipated festive season for all Muslims as it’s a time where we get to see our favourite cousins, play with fireworks (err, sparklers), eat good food and have good company. Oh, and duit raya too!


It’s the time when ALL of your family members look fresh af as they sport their new clothes. But the thing is, most Raya clothes look exactly the same, so you need something to stand out and make a statement. It’s like, why balik kampung if you can’t impress everyone with your urban style? Or why leave the kampung in the first place if you’re just gonna hate on Wak Doyok? Geddit? Nevermind…

Still need some inspo? Well, we’ve compiled six outrageous fashion trends that you could perhaps pull of, scroll down to see:

1. Baju Melayu Black Panther

(source: Pikcat)

The tamest of ’em all, the Baju Melayu Black Panther. Several Indonesian online shops are hoping to cash in on Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster hit by offering Black Panther-inspired baju koko or traditional shirts. Now you can collect your duit raya and fill yourself up with rendang looking fly like T’challa.

2. Baju Kurung Hello Kitty

(source: Berita Viral)

Need something to top our fav boujee makcik, Datuk Seri Vida? Then this one is for you. Drown yourself in pink with Hello Kitty print all over you and you’ll definitely be the star in the room. Fashion designer, Yus Amina and Zabir Arfan created this for individuals who want to look unique and are obviously big fans of Miss HK.

3. Kurta Baju Kurung

(source: Utusan)

If men want to wear baju kurung, they should JUST WEAR IT. You don’t have to justify yourself by calling it a kurta baju kurung, am I right? Plus we girls totally geddit, it’s comfy and breezy – perfect for the hot weather in Malaysia. Add chic-ness with different prints and you’ll be good to go. This was also created by a local fashion designer, Waridi Hamdhan.

4. Baju Melayu Swimsuits

(source: Soscili)

Need something popping? Well your nipples could make the guest appearance of the night with this tight-ass baju melayu. Style it up with some loafers and a clutch, girls will check you out from left to right. Oh, jangan lupa pakai songkok!

5. Kurta Neck Tie

(source: Twitter)

Need to look like you’ve grown up to be a hardworking business man? Add a tie like these guys. Confirm your nosey aunts will shut up about how you’ve been jobless for a year (even if you still are jobless).

6. Pocong Style Hijab

(source: ManaBerita)

When horror meets fashion, you’ll get some hauntingly beautiful stuff.. right? In a world where Naelofar Hijab and dUCk scarves are taking over, local designer Azzim Aziz took an unconventional route with his latest hijab line, quirkily named the Bawal Pocong. Now you can really scare those little annoying cousins!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to showcase who you really are with these crazy trends, if you dare..

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