Last Word

Confessions of a Cheongster #2: No Sleep Till Danok (part 2)

Our Cheongster reevaluates his situation: Stay in Danok and be happy or go back to his boring life in Malaysia?


11 Questions With Paul Jason Klein of LANY

A quick chat with the vocalist of the band.


Become the First Wildlife Hero! RM80,000 in Cash and Prizes Up for Grabs!

Play an active role in wildlife conservation with the Wildlife Heroes campaign.


It’s Always a #PerfectSelfie With the Vivo V5 Plus

Malaysia’s best selfie smartphone is here to make unflattering self-portraits a thing of the past.


Post-Apocalyptic Kung Fu Gets the Game It Deserves with LISA

The best, hardest, and most brutal drug-fuelled wasteland video game ever.


Oh Wonder on Creating Soundtracks for Their Fans’ Revelations

Why writing an incredible pop song is an art and why a fan gifted them with a bag of sharks’ teeth.


Goldfish & Blink on Why Producing Your Own Music is Important as a DJ and Playing at Tomorrowland

Having close to 20 years’ worth of experience, you should really listen to them.


The Vivo V5Plus Now Comes With Five Times The Rewards!

In true Malaysian fashion, the time for freebies has come.

Last Word

Confessions of a Cheongster #2: No Sleep Till Danok (part 1)

This guy became a Danok sex-addict after meeting the right/wrong girl…


Phoenix: Still Blazing Bright After All These Years

Thomas Mars answers the important questions in life.