10 Content Providers Helping Us Cope Amid the Pandemic

Stay at home, everyone (source: businessinsider.com)

With such vast influence and resources, it’s about time heavyweights such as Youtube, Microsoft, TikTok and others pitch-in to make their users’ lives simpler during quarantine. Not only is their contribution appreciated, but it is much needed since the internet has become the main source of information and entertainment for many.

With millions of people online, problems are starting to arise in terms of connectivity and usage. In addition to that, people can’t afford to hike-up their bills by paying for content even though they need it for peace of mind. And that is where these 10 companies enter.

Without further ado, here are 10 content providing companies that are helping us cope amid the pandemic…

Youtube, Netflix & Disney +

source: Techbullion.com

Typically, streaming websites prioritise high-definition videos and only adjust the quality depending on the speed of your internet connection. However, due to the influx of users streaming the platforms, to allow minimal buffering for users around the world, streaming sites are slashing their video quality to standard-definition which minimises bandwidth usage. If you want to watch in HD, that is still possible, all you have to do is manually select it.

source: rojakdaily.com

This decision was made when European Union Commissioner, Thierry Breton, reached out to video providers and lobbied them to throttle back their streaming so internet networks would not become overloaded. This complaint was originally brought-forth to Netflix since it is consistently the most visited streaming site since the quarantine started but after Youtube usurped that ranking, the latter platform decided to join the movement as well. Disney + has also recognised this problem and has since cooperated.

Steam, Audible, Scribd & Amazon Prime

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Other than streaming, some people prefer to play games, read or even download content for their children to enjoy. Since the MCO has been extended and chances of the coronavirus hanging around for awhile is highly likely, users find it difficult to continue purchasing content since some people are out of jobs yet have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Three companies have recognised this problem and chosen to alleviate tension in our households by providing free content during this isolation. Since setting a new record for most games downloaded, Steam acknowledges its influence and has since provided more free games for users to enjoy. Not only are the games featured during Steam’s Game Festival at discounted prices or even free, other older titles like Tomb Raider are now free to play as well.

source: useaudiobooks.com

The same goes for Audible and Scribd. Many books are made free to read and listen, especially titles that are categorised under the children’s and young teens’ section. This makes it easier for us to perform mundane tasks around the house or keep our children occupied while we stare outside the window, awaiting the day we finally get to leave our houses.

Amazon Prime has also contributed by making children’s content free.

Sony & Microsoft

source: patentlyapple.com

Downloading video games can be a huge pain in the a$$ especially in areas of internet congestion (which is basically everywhere at the moment), so Sony and Microsoft have controlled and stabilised the download speed during peak hours to ensure minimal bandwidth usage thus allowing smooth web surfing.

To put things in perspective, according to Akamai (cloud computing company) CEO, Tom Leighton,

“A software update for a modern game generates an amount of traffic roughly equal to 30,000 web pages.”

This is troubling because with the proliferation of people streaming and downloading big chunks of content, some internet users will suffer from slow internet connection which makes consulting physicians, contacting family and completing school/university assignments very difficult.


source: cnbc.com

Yes, the app baby boomers chastise and ridicule is currently playing a massive role in Covid-19 research.

Since it’s drastic resurgence in pop culture, TikTok is now one of the major companies that can afford to contribute to research funding. It has been reported that TikTok has donated 10 million dollars to aid in the World’s Health Organisation’s (WHO) efforts against Covid-19.

source: poynter.com

I’m sure if you frequent TikTok, you’ve noticed several verified accounts spreading information and curtailing misinformation regarding the virus. This is because TikTok had collaborated with WHO to ensure people stay informed and avoid succumbing to mass hysteria. However, they’re not done yet.

TikTok donated the generous amount to help medical staff battle the virus by providing essential supplies to front-liners and accelerating efforts towards a vaccine. 3 million dollars of their donation was targeted towards supplying nutritious food to families and schools that have been affected by school closure.

With major companies contributing significantly during this time, it begs the question: What can I do?

Well, it’s best for us to just stay at home, moderate our internet usage and spend time with our loved ones.

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