WATCH: 8 M’sian Musicians Sing about Life Under MCO

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(source: The Straits Times)

Although it’s a heavy time for everyone as we go through Movement Control Order (MCO), some Malaysian artistes are beating social isolation by doing what they do best – making music!

Artists like SonaOne, Azmyl Yunor, and Takahara Suiko of The Venopian Solitude, have been sharing songs regarding the Covid-19 situation on social media in the hopes that it will provide some entertainment or peace of mind to the rakyat.

Music has provided unity in times of division throughout history, and even though musicians are among those affected by the loss of income and opportunities right now – it’s the least they could do to keep our spirits up. From hopeful to romantic, these songs pretty much summed up the MCO life.

Accurate representation of us listening to music right now.. (source: GIPHY)

Scroll down and have a listen to some of their tunes!

1. Takahara Suiko from The Venopian Solitude

2. Uliu


4. Midnight Fusic

5. SonaOne


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Might or might not be going slightly crazy. I dunno you tell me #THELOCCDOWN #BOMBA

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6. Azmyl Yunor


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#dudukrumah #stayathome #MalaysiaBebasCovid19 #KitaJagaKita

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7. Asyraf Nasir


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ASYRFNSIR – #Quarantingz #2 • My Instagram Live died halfway yesterday and I didn’t manage to save the video or upload it 🙁 BUT I managed to use the words I wrote down on my notes, so I really really appreciate every single one of you who joined me! And you may please identify who gave which word 😂 Sorry I didn’t manage to take note of the accounts who commented/ suggested these 8 words. ALSO! If you would like to share any beats during the Instagram Live sessions, please do so! For this video, credits to @_yung_lord_xd for sharing this beat produced by @asiankidlit 🙏💜 See you again for the next one! Stay tuned 🙆‍♀ #ASYRFNSIR #AYangLuMinati #DudukRumahChallenge • 📹: @_aqilahnasir 😬

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8. Akid Cina


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Shoutout to @http.dinho for this 🙏 Tajuk beat ni Caramel, Prod by @officialdjfuzz so shout goes out to him too! I hope u guys like it, kalau suka dan layan, kasi like dan comment 1 kali 😁👌 Lyrics Below! • • No hotlines for them to call, allat numbers aint valid herr fake raps get buried bruh, work from home got me thinkin like a minister, delayed and slow, Straight up, i dont love, this li(f)estyle, im lying on my bed they be lying cuz they scared, I guess some believers make their own guidelines/godlines, Know this wont last forever, call my friends and facetime, We wait now, hol up i gotta panic buy some snacks, safety measure from the government is the only texts you get, Roll the green up, wee hours got me sleepy these days no cough syrup, sumpah nyirap, Duk rumah main rpg, or get rpged, Nyanyi dekat balcony, this aint italy, Lalu roadblock, Nak pi mana ni? 7e, 10 hari lagi, Some of us be showin stupidity, Including me.. (Boring do..)

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BONUS: King of Hip-Hop, Malaysia’s No.1 Young Rapper – Fazz Ahmad!


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Terimalah Lagu baru Saya berjudul Selamatkan Bumi dari Corona Virus

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Show some love to these artistes through their social media pages and once the MCO is over, hit up their gigs! ‘Til then, make sure y’all stay at home…

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