Jetcetera Returns with ‘Suratan Masa Depan’: a Flowery Track for When Your Life Feels Stagnant

(source: Provided to JUICE by Jetcetera)

After a three-year hiatus, indie band Jetcetera returns with their first ever Malay song, ‘Suratan Masa Depan’.

Written during the pandemic by their vocalist, Aida Rashid, the track follows the monologue of a person going through the growing pains of an ever-changing life while the world remains stagnant.

It also explores the grief that comes with growing up, while simultaneously expressing the anxiety that one feels when they are unsure of their fate in the future.

If you regularly find yourself asking questions like, “Is this all there is to life?” and “When will life turn around for me?” then you will surely relate to the track.

An ode to all the selves we had been, and all the selves that we will be.

‘Suratan Masa Depan’ album art (source: Provided to JUICE by Jetcetera)

Despite its honest message that depicts some of the most depressing stages that we all face in life, ‘Suratan Masa Depan’ is beautifully decorated with soft and flowery vocals, bright instruments, and a calming tempo—perhaps representing the quiet serenity we sometimes get while wallowing in our fate.

For the production of the track, Jetcetera collaborated with Mafidz’s band member, Megat Ahmad Fadzly.

The music video for ‘Suratan Masa Depan’ will also be released on 16 September, and it was directed by Aina Marlisa and produced by Safa Azul of Sinema Awan Mendung.

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