Marshall Motif II ANC: The RM959 Noise Cancellation Earbuds with Top-Tier Sound Quality

(source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

If music is an important part of your life and you’ve been looking for high-quality earbuds for everyday use, we have a suggestion that might be ideal for you.

For today’s #JUICEcuba, we’ll be reviewing the Marshall Motif II ANC, the new travel-friendly in-ear headphones with superior sound quality and active noise cancellation.

The product quality and build

(source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

Upon unboxing, you will find the Marshall Motif II ANC in-ear headphones, charging case, USB C cable, three different-sized ear tips, and a quick start guide.

The in-ear headphones’ charging case has a unique and quirky design, almost resembling black pebbles found around a pond.

It is, however, made of plastic, which may give it a less-exclusive feel compared to other luxury earbuds. But the durable material also makes the product extremely light, which is important when travelling.

(source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

The in-ear headphones are also made of plastic, but they have a more premium feel than the charging case due to the gold accent and Marshall’s small ‘M’ logo on the outside of the earbuds.

Overall, the charging case and in-ear headphones are well-made, though some might fuss over the lack of a premium feel for a set of RM959 earbuds.

The superior sound quality and user-friendly app

The Marshall Bluetooth app (source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

Setting up the Marshall Motif II ANC is a simple and painless process. Simply download the Marshall Bluetooth app and pair the earbuds with your phone.

Once you’ve configured the in-ear headphones, the app will immediately display all of the features available to you, such as controlling the noise level, customising the equaliser, touch controls, and many more.

However, before you put on the earbuds, remember to select the correct ear tips for your ears, as this will improve your hearing experience and comfort.

(source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

Marshall is one of the most respected brands in the industry when it comes to sound quality, just ask any of the numerous rockstar guitarists who favour the famed brand’s amplifier range, and this is reflected in the Marshal Motif II ANC’s quality.

The audio quality is absolutely superb. You can clearly hear every detail of the music you’re listening to—it’s almost as if you’re listening to music through professional studio headphones, but on a much smaller and more portable device.

These in-ear headphones also have less punchy bass but more detailed mids and trebles, making for a unique but nevertheless great experience.

If you value sound quality above all else, the Marshall Motif II ANC is a must-have for on-the-go listening.

(source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

In addition, the product’s standby hours are what make these in-ear headphones so great. We’ve been using the Marshall Motif II ANC for a week now, and we never had an issue where the earbuds died and needed to be charged right away.

We only charged the case once during the entire week, despite the fact that we use these in-ear headphones every day for long hours—a huge W for the earbuds!

Marshall also claimed that the earbuds can be in standby mode for up to 30 hours!

Testing out the active-noise cancellation feature in a noisy area. (source: Aqasha Nur’aiman/JUICE)

As previously stated, these earbuds have an active noise-cancellation feature that effectively blocks out noise.

However, if you’re in a very busy area, such as a crowded café, you’ll still hear the sounds of the environment, just at a lower volume, so don’t expect the noise cancellation to be as good as its more expensive competitors.

Regardless, it’s a useful feature to have, especially if you’re sensitive to loud noises or have trouble focusing in a noisy office.

The final verdict

(source: Marshall)

The Marshall Motif II ANC is ideal for those looking for everyday in-ear headphones that are portable, have excellent sound quality, last a long time, and have active noise cancellation.

The RM959 price tag is a bit steep, but it’s worth it if you’re not the type to lug around large headphones with you everywhere you go.

Overall, #JUICEcuba rates the Marshall Motif II ANC a 4/5.

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