Your Proton Or Perodua Car Might Be One Of The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in 2020

Wira Turbo Modified - Share My Ride (GK031) - Galeri Kereta
Why wouldn’t you try to steal this? (source: Galeri Kereta)

When we think of cars that are most likely to be stolen, I doubt any of us would lean towards the Proton or Perodua models since we see them almost every day and there’s nothing inherently special about them.

Well, in that respect, we’d be wrong because according to a report by Vehicle Theft Reduction Council of Malaysia (VTREC), 6 out of 10 of the Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in Malaysia were indeed derived from the Proton and Perodua models.

Before we jump into the list, I’ll let you guess which car stole (no pun intended) the number 1 spot for 2020.

If you guessed Proton Wira, you’d be right and admittedly, a little suspicious…

Take a look at the list:

Interestingly enough, the Proton Wira has been the champion of this list since 2019 with 564 units stolen, which means there’s a significant drop in 2020.

Looks like our iconic Myvi made it into the Top 5 as well with 214 units stolen.

Due to the MCO, there was a noticeable drop in the number of cars stolen because obviously, if we’re not even allowed to drive around, why steal a car?

The average number of vehicles reported stolen daily last year was 20 units, which is 37% less than the average of 32 units in 2019. On a related note, 7,400 cases were reported last year compared to 11,675 cases in 2019.

So, if you own any of the cars listed above, make sure to double-check if you’ve locked your doors.