Tarik Jeans and Tiga Supply Co. Creates a Limited Edition Ringer Tee

Images Faliq Fahmie

Collaborations are always a wonderful thing to look forward to, especially when two of the coolest brands meet. Described as a “marriage of two creative spirits”, indie denim brand Tarik Jeans combines their fashion-forwardness with the highly curated lifestyle multi-brand store Tiga Supply Co. to create a limited edition ringer T-shirt.

By incorporating a traditional ringer monochromatic pairing to the T-shirts, this collection perfectly meshes the Nusantara rock ‘n’ roll essence of Tarik Jeans together with Tiga’s reputation as purveyors of the city’s motorbike scene. It also goes to show how you can never go wrong with classic designs like the ringer tee, which was introduced in the U.S. in the early 1950s, gaining popularity amongst the youth and rock ‘n’ roll subculture.

Not only is this collaboration a celebration of Tarik’s entry into Tiga’s store at The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya, it’s also a sign of bigger and exciting projects to come from the two growing brands. Modelled by Mike, Joe and Ash (the co-owners of Tiga Supply Co.), the T-shirts can be dressed down or up with a trusty pair of Tarik jeans, bandana, and headgear.

Shop on Tarik’s website here or pop by Tiga Supply Co. at The Gasket Alley for a richer shopping experience. Each T-shirt retails for RM79 each. 

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