Yasmin Ahmad’s Films ‘Mukhsin’, ‘Talentime’ & ‘Rabun’ Are Coming To Netflix On December 18

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After a long wait by Malaysians, Netflix has finally heard our calls and has decided to bring Yasmin Ahmad’s films to their platform.

It’s almost impossible for any Malaysian to not know who Yasmin Ahmad is. Even if you’re not a movie buff, Yasmin Ahmad has directed several of the best Petronas advertisements including this incredibly famous one.

Having a Midas touch that turns everything into a poignant, culturally-rich and insightful artpiece, Yasmin Ahmad was a gem in Malaysian cinema and now, we’re able to stream her most famous works on Netflix.

Starting from December 18, three of her films, Rabun, Mukhsin and Talentime will be available for you to watch and awe at. Here is a quick synopsis of each film…


Rabun is Yasmin Ahmad’s debut film. Heartwarming, quirky and inspired by a real life story of her own parents, the film centres around a couple who returns to the rural life to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Once there, they realise that maybe their expectations may not have matched the reality of the situation.


A personal favourite of mine, Mukhsin is a sweet tale of young, innocent love. Acting as a prequel to her most famous works, Sepet and Gubra, Mukhsin is bereft of the heavy drama present in both aforementioned films. Instead, it’s a light, cheery and poignant film that details one’s first love while navigating through teenage angst.

Played by Mohd Syafie Naswip (of Songlap and Talentime fame) and Sharifah Aryana, the chemistry between the two is palpable through the screen and it makes you reminisce on the time you fell in love for the first time.


Unfortunately, Talentime was Yasmin Ahmad’s last film prior to her untimely death. However, it’s arguably her finest work. Tackling tough topics like religion, multiculturalism and racism, Talentime is a winding story that intertwines the lives of young Malaysians through a talent show. Starring Pamela Chong, Mohd Syafie Naswip, Mahesh Jugal Kishor, Howard Hon Kahoe, Adibah Noor and Harith Iskander, this film stays true to its message on diversity. 

Despite that, the star of the film, and what drives it home to me personally, is its fantastic score. Rich with lulling violin and concluded by a beautifully heartbreaking song by Aizat titled ‘Pergi’, if the film itself doesn’t stick with you, the music definitely will.

So, set your reminders for December 18 and let’s all take a trip down memory lane to celebrate a wonderful talent that was taken from us way before her time.

Thank you, Yasmin Ahmad for the films. Your legacy will live on forever.