Explore Yasmin Ahmad’s Work, ‘Zaman Kita’ Exhibition & Sepet The Musical at GMBB

The culture of Malaysia draws on the varied cultures of Malaysians, so when local creatives combine their art with our social climate in an honest and raw way – it becomes something special we could all relate to and hold dear to heart. During this National month, GMBB’s ‘Malaysiaku’ campaign will be paying tribute to local creatives who captured Malaysia’s essence and it’s def worth to check out!

This campaign features three special series of immersive activities through performing arts, films and photography throughout the whole of September.

In case you didn’t know, GMBB isn’t like any other malls, it’s a creative retail centre that also acts as a platform for entrepreneurs, creative practitioners and unique startups as one community bringing unique content especially in the creative and arts industry. It’s heaven for you lot who love artsy and quirky things!

Anyway, back to the main event – here are three things you could do at GMBB this month:

1. Yasmin: 10 Years On – 7 to 8 Sept (Free Admission)

10 years ago, Malaysia lost one of the nation’s most iconic creative talents, Yasmin Ahmad. In remembrance of her spirit, GMBB is featuring the complete collection of Yasmin’s films such as RABUN, SEPET, GUBRA, MUKHSIN, MUALLAF and TALENTIME. Each film will end with a discussion led by the team from Decon Recon, an online publication that reviews and analyses pop culture from an Asian perspective.

There will also be a special short student documentary ‘What Yasmin Left Behind’ followed by a Q&A session with the director.

2. Zaman Kita: A Joint Photography Exhibition by John Kam and Daniel Adams – 12 to 18 Sept (Free Admission)

Zaman Kita is a collaborative exhibition jointly held between two creative natives of Kuala Lumpur: John Kam and Daniel Adams. The exhibit starts with a retrospective look into our collective childhoods with Daniel’s ‘Nostalgia’ series, which recalls visual anecdotes of individuals and tokens they hold fondest to their hearts from times growing up.

This follows with John’s ‘MEMBAWANG’ series, delving into the unseen tethers of harmony and community that have been laid since time immemorial to present day.

The last of the trifecta rounds off with ‘SKINDEEP’, a narrative project led by John that seeks to shed light on the perspectives of those who have written the chapters of their lives in this country, whether as locals, expats, or transients.

3. Sepet The Musical by Liver & Lung Productions – 19 to 22 and 26 – 29 Sept (RM 70/pax)

Sepet The Musical is a stage adaptation of Yasmin Ahmad’s masterpiece film, a cultural milestone in Malaysia’s cinematic history. The various themes that the great Yasmin Ahmad strung together still hold deep relevance for us even 14 years after its debut.

Using authentically Malaysian music and lyrics, Sepet The Musical pays homage to Yasmin Ahmad’s cinematic style by remaining true to its source material but also reigniting its timeless narrative for a new generation of Malaysians. You can purchase the tickets by clicking, here.

Plan it out with your friends and hit up GMBB this whole month! It will be happening specifically at the ground floor and level three of the mall. So put on a smile and discover a unique approach in celebrating Merdeka and Malaysia Day through arts and creativity!

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