M’sian Icon, Adibah Noor Forced to Sell Her House & Pawn Her Jewellery During COVID-19

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The pandemic and global lockdown has robbed many of their source of income.

It is heart-wrenching to observe the hardships of marginalised Malaysians who struggle to get by despite crowdfunding efforts initiated by generous individuals and government aid. While the lockdowns have definitely affected those who are less fortunate, it has also negatively impacted those whom Malaysians view to be glamorous or resourceful.

JUICE did an interview with local artists to figure out their ways of coping financially during MCO, but one such artist we did not anticipate would be hit so hard by the pandemic would be Malaysian icon, Adibah Noor.

source: Adibah Noor @ Twitter / Sepet (dir. Yasmin Ahmad)

Adibah Noor is synonymous to talent, beauty, intelligence and charisma. After decades of being in the industry and donning many hats such as TV show host, singer and actress in countless productions, it would be normal to assume that she would not have been as affected financially.

This is why it came as a shock to netizens when Adibah Noor admitted in a video she posted on Twitter that she has had to sell her house and pawn her jewellery in order to make ends meet.

At the start of the video, she details how the pandemic has caused her to lose jobs thus cutting off her income completely. Only recently has she begun to build her career back up after such an unexpected turn of events. However, the jobs she’s been getting now are few and far between.

Watch her video below:

The purpose of the video was for Adibah to apologise to her followers who have been messaging her, asking if she could donate to a few charities and organisations that need her help.

She confessed that she helps whenever she can, but things are not going well for her either. Instead of donating, she shows solidarity and support by retweeting posts by smaller businesses that pop-up on her timeline, giving them airtime to over 500,000 of her followers.

In an effort to raise awareness, Adibah tells her followers to not be fooled by the social media posts of local celebrities for it is only a facade in order to stay active and relevant during these times. Most posts are usually recycled from previous shoots or gigs, since most of them are currently jobless.

As of right now, in order to support our local talents, we can keep up with them on their social media, stream their music or shows, and buy their merch.

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