Local Woman Robbed Near LRT While Waiting For Dad To Pick Her Up

source: Wallpaper Better

Dear readers, as a lifelong resident of Kuala Lumpur, I’ve seen much of the city’s beauty. But life is full of duality. Away from the glitz and lit buildings of the city, lies darkness and bad intentions.

Due to recent complications with our LRT, citizens have been forced to deal with issues they wouldn’t necessarily be worried about. In this case – crime.

As seen above, Twitter user (@soph_jes) explained how the LRT mishaps resulted in her being robbed in front of a Desa Pandan condo located at the nearby LRT while she waited for her dad to pick her up.

(Photo for illustrative purposes) source: The Star

It is truly sad that Malaysians still have to look over their shoulder even near places where one should undoubtedly be at ease.

Nevertheless, we hope that @soph_jes recovers from the traumatic ordeal as well as her items to be retrieved and justice served to the suspects.

source: Satu Berita

Always be alert of your surroundings, especially in the city. Stay safe everybody ❤️